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  • Battery 5200mAh for ASUS A83SJ A83SM A83SV A83T A83TA A83U G74 G74S
5200mAh Battery 5200mAh for ASUS A83SJ A83SM A83SV A83T A83TA A83U G74 G74S

Battery 5200mAh for ASUS A83SJ A83SM A83SV A83T A83TA A83U G74 G74S

Quick Overview

Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
cell technology: Li-ion
Number of Cells: 6

Availability: Out of stock



Lithium-ion cells to the Japanese assembled with high-quality lithium-ion battery.

It complies with the European Community legislation. It complies with the currently applicable criteria of production and disposal within the European Community. Product CE & RoHs.

PLEASE NOTE The battery 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible with each other. The battery 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible with each other.

Additional Information

Codici Compatibili 07G016H31875M, 07G016HG1875M, 07G016HK1875M, 0B20-00X50AS, A31-K53, A32-K53, A41-K53, A42-K53, K53L823, K53L82H, K53L84G, K53L853, K53L893, K53L89C
Modelli Compatibili ASUS 2010 2011 2012 X53, X53 ASUS A43, A43, A43BR ASUS A43B, A43B ASUS A43BY, A43BY ASUS A43E, A43E, A43E-123DB960, A43E-163DB970, A43E-VX087D, A43E-VX088D, A43E-VX089D, A43E-VX090D, A43E-VX091D, A43E-VX843D ASUS A43EB, A43EB-815E-SL, A43EB-815SD-SL, A43EB-94SD-SL, A43EB-95SD-SL, A43EB-96SD-SL ASUS A43EI, A43EI-233SA-SL, A43EI-233SJ-SL, A43EI-233SV-SL, A43EI-235SD-SL, A43EI-241SV-SL, A43EI-243E-SL, A43EI-243SA-SL, A43EI-243SJ-SL, A43EI-243SV-SL, A43EI-245SD-SL, A43EI-245SM-SL, A43EI-267SD-SL, A43EI-267SM-SL ASUS A43EVX, A43E-VX038D ASUS A43F, A43F ASUS A43J, A43J ASUS A43JA, A43JA ASUS A43JB, A43JB ASUS A43JC, A43JC ASUS A43JE, A43JE ASUS A43JF, A43JF ASUS A43JG, A43JG ASUS A43JH, A43JH ASUS A43JN, A43JN ASUS A43JP, A43JP ASUS A43JQ, A43JQ ASUS A43JR, A43JR ASUS A43JU, A43JU ASUS A43JV, A43JV ASUS A43S, A43S ASUS A43SA, A43SA, A43SA-VX002D ASUS A43SD, A43SD, A43SD-023DB960, A43SD-053F2450M, A43SD-093GB960, A43SD-103E2450M, A43SD-123H2450M, A43SD-223D2350M, A43SD-233F2350M, A43SD-253E2350M, A43SD-343F2350M, A43SD-353DB970, A43SD-363GB970, A43SD-VX060D, A43SD-VX065, A43SD-VX066, A43SD-VX152V, A43SD-VX216, A43SD-VX303D, A43SD-VX304D, A43SD-VX305D, A43SD-VX306D, A43SD-VX349D, A43SD-VX350D, A43SD-VX351D, A43SD-VX419V, A43SD-VX426, A43SD-VX584D, A43SD-VX585D, A43SD-VX586D, A43SD-VX587D, A43SD-VX591D, A43SD-VX592D, A43SD-VX593D, A43SD-VX594D, A43SD-VX614, A43SD-VX614V, A43SD-VX630D, A43SD-VX631D, A43SD-VX718D, A43SD-VX719D, A43SD-VX750D, A43SD-VX751D ASUS A43SJ, A43SJ, A43SJ-VX503D, A43SJ-VX857D, A43SJ-VX858D, A43SJ-VX859D ASUS A43SM, A43SM, A43SM-043D2450M, A43SM-083D2670QM, A43SM-VX002V, A43SM-VX005D, A43SM-VX007D, A43SM-VX037V ASUS A43SV, A43SV ASUS A43T, A43T ASUS A43TA, A43TA, A43TA-061A3420M, A43TA-VX072V ASUS A43TK, A43TK ASUS A43U, A43U ASUS A53, A53 ASUS A53B, A53B ASUS A53BR, A53BR, A53BR-SX087V ASUS A53BY, A53BY ASUS A53E, A53E, A53E-093DB960, A53E-113DB970, A53E-A1B, A53E-AH51, A53E-I267SM-SL, A53E-SX1121V, A53E-SX1128V, A53E-SX1129V, A53E-SX329S, A53E-SX330S, A53E-TH51, A53E-TH52, A53E-TH91, A53E-XA1, A53E-XA2, A53E-XE1, A53E-XE3, A53E-XT2, A53E-XT3, A53E-XT4 ASUS A53F, A53F ASUS A53J, A53J ASUS A53JA, A53JA ASUS A53JB, A53JB ASUS A53JC, A53JC ASUS A53JE, A53JE ASUS A53JH, A53JH ASUS A53JQ, A53JQ ASUS A53JR, A53JR ASUS A53JT, A53JT ASUS A53JU, A53JU ASUS A53S, A53S ASUS A53SC, A53SC, A53SC-SX111V, A53SC-SX162V, A53SC-SX222V, A53SC-SX234V, A53SC-SX257V ASUS A53SD, A53SD, A53SD-093DB960, A53SD-153GB960, A53SD-163F2450M, A53SD-183D2350, A53SD-193E2350M, A53SD-353F2350M, A53SD-403G2350M, A53SD-SX1077V, A53SD-SX1263, A53SD-SX199V, A53SD-SX200V, A53SD-SX203V, A53SD-SX208V, A53SD-SX549V ASUS A53SJ, A53SJ, A53SJ-SX205V, A53SJ-SX230V, A53SJ-SX435, A53SJ-SX435V, A53SJ-SX556V ASUS A53SK, A53SK, A53SK-SX015V, A53SK-SX066V ASUS A53SM, A53SM, A53SM-043D2670QM, A53SM-SX019V, A53SM-SX132V ASUS A53SU, A53SU-SX050V ASUS A53SV, A53SV, A53SV-EH71, A53SV-SX176V, A53SV-SX386V, A53SV-SX537V, A53SV-SX538V, A53SV-SX668V, A53SV-TH72, A53SV-XC1, A53SV-XT1, A53SV-XT2 ASUS A53T, A53T ASUS A53TA, A53TA ASUS A53U, A53U, A53U-SX058V, A53U-SX151V, A53U-SX244V, A53U-SX245V, A53U-SX255V, A53U-SX265V, A53U-SX271V, A53U-SX349V, A53U-XT2 ASUS A53Z, A53Z, A53Z-SX144D ASUS A54, A54 ASUS A54C, A54C, A54C-SX137V, A54C-SX284S, A54C-SX284V, A54C-SX301V, A54C-SX327S, A54C-SX327V, A54C-SX408V, A54C-SX416V, A54C-SX459V, A54C-SX460V ASUS A54H, A54H ASUS A54HO, A54HO ASUS A54HR, A54HR, A54HR-SX269V, A54HR-SX302V, A54HR-SX324V ASUS A54HY, A54HY ASUS A54L, A54L ASUS A54LY, A54LY ASUS A83, A83 ASUS A83B, A83B ASUS A83BR, A83BR ASUS A83BY, A83BY ASUS A83E, A83E ASUS A83S, A83S ASUS A83SA, A83SA ASUS A83SD, A83SD ASUS A83SJ, A83SJ ASUS A83SM, A83SM ASUS A83SV, A83SV ASUS A83T, A83T ASUS A83TA, A83TA ASUS A83U, A83U ASUS G74, G74 ASUS G74S, G74S ASUS K43, K43 ASUS K43B, K43B ASUS K43BR, K43BR, K43BR-051AE450 ASUS K43BY, K43BY ASUS K43E, K43E, K43E-2410M, K43E-3CVX, K43E-3DVX, K43E-3EVX, K43E-3FVX, K43E-3HVX, K43E-3IVX, K43E-3JVX, K43E-ME1, K43E-MS1, K43E-VX037, K43E-VX052R, K43E-VX056, K43E-VX057, K43E-VX065, K43E-VX1035, K43E-VX1036, K43E-VX1037, K43E-VX1038, K43E-VX113, K43E-VX114V, K43E-VX118, K43E-VX120D, K43E-VX122, K43E-VX123, K43E-VX124, K43E-VX127, K43E-VX139, K43E-VX139D, K43E-VX260R, K43E-VX539D, K43E-VX540D, K43E-VX541D, K43E-VX649, K43E-VX650, K43E-VX651, K43E-VX652, K43E-VX817, K43E-VX818, K43E-VX825R, K43E-VX826R, K43E-VX835D, K43E-VX917, K43E-VX921 ASUS K43F, K43F ASUS K43J, K43J ASUS K43JC, K43JC ASUS K43JM, K43JM ASUS K43JS, K43JS ASUS K43JY, K43JY ASUS K43S, K43S ASUS K43SA, K43SA, K43SA-VX040V, K43SA-VX085R ASUS K43SC, K43SC ASUS K43SD, K43SD, K43SD-293C2450M, K43SD-323C2350M, K43SD-VX138D, K43SD-VX139D, K43SD-VX217, K43SD-VX220, K43SD-VX221, K43SD-VX297R, K43SD-VX298, K43SD-VX385, K43SD-VX389, K43SD-VX445, K43SD-VX465, K43SD-VX465R, K43SD-VX466, K43SD-VX555, K43SD-VX556, K43SD-VX558, K43SD-VX559 ASUS K43SE, K43SE ASUS K43SJ, K43SJ, K43SJ-VX061D, K43SJ-VX077, K43SJ-VX086V, K43SJ-VX177D, K43SJ-VX183D, K43SJ-VX184D, K43SJ-VX189D, K43SJ-VX190, K43SJ-VX383R, K43SJ-VX385R, K43SJ-VX474, K43SJ-VX570, K43SJ-VX725, K43SJ-VX826, K43SJ-VX828, K43SJ-VX829 ASUS K43SM, K43SM, K43SM-VX024, K43SM-VX100, K43SM-VX101 ASUS K43SR, K43SR ASUS K43SV, K43SV, K43SV-193D2410M, K43SV-VX014D, K43SV-VX065D, K43SV-VX094, K43SV-VX097V, K43SV-VX120, K43SV-VX124V, K43SV-VX129, K43SV-VX142, K43SV-VX210, K43SV-VX266R ASUS K43SY, K43SY ASUS K43T, K43T ASUS K43TA, K43TA ASUS K43TK, K43TK, K43TK-MS1, K43TK-VX007D, K43TK-VX020D, K43TK-VX034D ASUS K43U, K43U, K43U-MS1, K43U-VX006, K43U-VX008, K43U-VX012, K43U-VX016D, K43U-VX054, K43U-VX070D, K43U-VX121R ASUS K53, K53, K53-3D ASUS K53B, K53B ASUS K53BR, K53BR, K53BR-SX003D, K53BR-SX003V, K53BR-SX007D, K53BR-SX015V, K53BR-SX027D, K53BR-SX032V, K53BR-SX068V, K53BR-SX106V ASUS K53BY, K53BY, K53BY-E450-S3DDAN, K53BY-SX008V, K53BY-SX014V, K53BY-SX018V, K53BY-SX046V, K53BY-SX059V, K53BY-SX099V, K53BY-SX100V, K53BY-SX146D, K53BY-SX165V, K53BY-SX195, K53BY-SX195V, K53BY-SX215V, K53BY-SX216V ASUS K53E, K53E, K53E-A1, K53E-B, K53E-B1, K53E-BBR9, K53E-DH31, K53E-DH51, K53E-DH52, K53E-DH91, K53E-DS31, K53E-DS51, K53E-DS52, K53E-DS91, K53E-ME1, K53E-MT1, K53E-SX022V, K53E-SX039V, K53E-SX040V, K53E-SX048X, K53E-SX049X, K53E-SX051V, K53E-SX056, K53E-SX056V, K53E-SX058V, K53E-SX058X, K53E-SX061V, K53E-SX069V, K53E-SX087V, K53E-SX089V, K53E-SX090V, K53E-SX091V, K53E-SX094X, K53E-SX095V, K53E-SX1012V, K53E-SX1013V, K53E-SX1014V, K53E-SX104V, K53E-SX1066V, K53E-SX1069V, K53E-SX108, K53E-SX108V, K53E-SX1094V, K53E-SX1095V, K53E-SX1096V, K53E-SX111V, K53E-SX1146V, K53E-SX1147V, K53E-SX1174V, K53E-SX123V, K53E-SX1245V, K53E-SX1254V, K53E-SX1263D, K53E-SX1275, K53E-SX1275V, K53E-SX1284D, K53E-SX1286D, K53E-SX1288D, K53E-SX1340V, K53E-SX1341V, K53E-SX1350V, K53E-SX1351V, K53E-SX1399V, K53E-SX1400V, K53E-SX1402V, K53E-SX1429V, K53E-SX1566V, K53E-SX1585V, K53E-SX1586V, K53E-SX1609D, K53E-SX1651V, K53E-SX170V, K53E-SX1734, K53E-SX1735, K53E-SX1739V, K53E-SX1744D, K53E-SX1771, K53E-SX1772, K53E-SX1778V, K53E-SX1807V, K53E-SX1870V, K53E-SX1875D, K53E-SX1927V, K53E-SX1939V, K53E-SX1940V, K53E-SX195V, K53E-SX1968, K53E-SX1986, K53E-SX199D, K53E-SX2041D, K53E-SX2058V, K53E-SX211V, K53E-SX2122V, K53E-SX2132V, K53E-SX2133V, K53E-SX2134V, K53E-SX2135V, K53E-SX213V, K53E-SX2143V, K53E-SX2144V, K53E-SX2156V, K53E-SX2157V, K53E-SX2158V, K53E-SX216, K53E-SX216V, K53E-SX225V, K53E-SX226V, K53E-SX229V, K53E-SX250V, K53E-SX517D, K53E-SX519, K53E-SX523D, K53E-SX524D, K53E-SX555V, K53E-SX635D, K53E-SX654V, K53E-SX751D, K53E-SX751V, K53E-SX756D, K53E-SX790V, K53E-SX791V, K53E-SX828V, K53E-SX829V, K53E-SX830V, K53E-SX831V, K53E-SX832V, K53E-SX833V, K53E-SX841V, K53E-SX879V, K53E-SX880V, K53E-SX961V, K53E-SX962V, K53E-SX963V, K53E-XR4 ASUS K53ER, K53ER-2310M-S3CRAN ASUS K53F, K53F ASUS K53J, K53J, K53J-D1B, K53J-SX216A ASUS K53JA, K53JA ASUS K53JC, K53JC ASUS K53JE, K53JE ASUS K53JF, K53JF ASUS K53JG, K53JG ASUS K53JN, K53JN ASUS K53JS, K53JS ASUS K53JT, K53JT ASUS K53S, K53S, K53S-E, K53S-SX085, K53S-V1G ASUS K53SA, K53SA ASUS K53SC, K53SC, K53SC-SX015V, K53SC-SX016V, K53SC-SX016X, K53SC-SX019V, K53SC-SX019X, K53SC-SX031V, K53SC-SX050V, K53SC-SX051V, K53SC-SX052V, K53SC-SX054, K53SC-SX054V, K53SC-SX054X, K53SC-SX057V, K53SC-SX062V, K53SC-SX063D, K53SC-SX075V, K53SC-SX077V, K53SC-SX083V, K53SC-SX083X, K53SC-SX084V, K53SC-SX084X, K53SC-SX091, K53SC-SX091V, K53SC-SX167D, K53SC-SX176V, K53SC-SX177V, K53SC-SX180V, K53SC-SX184D, K53SC-SX184R, K53SC-SX185D, K53SC-SX189V, K53SC-SX196R, K53SC-SX209V, K53SC-SX210V, K53SC-SX211V, K53SC-SX218V, K53SC-SX225D, K53SC-SX256V, K53SC-SX297V, K53SC-SX307V, K53SC-SX322V, K53SC-SX323V, K53SC-SX324V, K53SC-SX326V, K53SC-SX328D, K53SC-SX384V, K53SC-SX404V, K53SC-SX449V, K53SC-SX470V, K53SC-SX488V, K53SC-SX494R, K53SC-SX495R, K53SC-SX557, K53SC-SX558, K53SC-SX608V, K53SC-SX609V, K53SC-SX619V, K53SC-SX621V, K53SC-SX623V ASUS K53SD, K53SD, K53SD-283CB960, K53SD-393C2350M, K53SD-463CB970, K53SD-DS51, K53SD-DS71, K53SD-MS2S, K53SD-SX067V, K53SD-SX067X, K53SD-SX068D, K53SD-SX071D, K53SD-SX081D, K53SD-SX083D, K53SD-SX085D, K53SD-SX101V, K53SD-SX1031, K53SD-SX103V, K53SD-SX1070V, K53SD-SX108D, K53SD-SX108V, K53SD-SX110D, K53SD-SX111D, K53SD-SX120V, K53SD-SX1220X, K53SD-SX126V, K53SD-SX1278V, K53SD-SX128D, K53SD-SX138D, K53SD-SX139D, K53SD-SX141R, K53SD-SX141V, K53SD-SX141X, K53SD-SX143D, K53SD-SX147V, K53SD-SX156V, K53SD-SX163V, K53SD-SX170V, K53SD-SX226V, K53SD-SX226X, K53SD-SX227V, K53SD-SX227X, K53SD-SX237V, K53SD-SX239V, K53SD-SX256V, K53SD-SX269D, K53SD-SX280V, K53SD-SX310D, K53SD-SX315D, K53SD-SX324V, K53SD-SX325V, K53SD-SX326V, K53SD-SX327V, K53SD-SX336V, K53SD-SX344V, K53SD-SX376V, K53SD-SX420V, K53SD-SX483D, K53SD-SX484D, K53SD-SX504V, K53SD-SX521D, K53SD-SX587V, K53SD-SX596V, K53SD-SX597V, K53SD-SX602V, K53SD-SX614, K53SD-SX732D, K53SD-SX760V, K53SD-SX789V, K53SD-SX794D, K53SD-SX805D, K53SD-SX807V, K53SD-SX808D, K53SD-SX809D, K53SD-SX809V, K53SD-SX849, K53SD-SX854V, K53SD-SX855V, K53SD-SX856V, K53SD-SX858V, K53SD-SX940V, K53SD-SX953V, K53SD-SX955V, K53SD-SX983D ASUS K53SE, K53SE ASUS K53SJ, K53SJ, K53SJ-SX017V, K53SJ-SX019V, K53SJ-SX028R, K53SJ-SX051V, K53SJ-SX064V, K53SJ-SX077V, K53SJ-SX079V, K53SJ-SX088V, K53SJ-SX097X, K53SJ-SX113V, K53SJ-SX114V, K53SJ-SX162V, K53SJ-SX163V, K53SJ-SX165V, K53SJ-SX165X, K53SJ-SX166V, K53SJ-SX169X, K53SJ-SX184D, K53SJ-SX216V, K53SJ-SX242V, K53SJ-SX247V, K53SJ-SX249V, K53SJ-SX250V, K53SJ-SX251V, K53SJ-SX347V, K53SJ-SX382V, K53SJ-SX383V, K53SJ-SX384V ASUS K53SK, K53SK, K53SK-043D2450M, K53SK-SX004V, K53SK-SX009V, K53SK-SX021V, K53SK-SX032V, K53SK-SX038V, K53SK-SX040V, K53SK-SX041V, K53SK-SX070V, K53SK-SX085V ASUS K53SM, K53SM, K53SM-SO013D, K53SM-SO152V, K53SM-SX009D, K53SM-SX010D, K53SM-SX012D, K53SM-SX124D, K53SM-SX130D ASUS K53SN, K53SN ASUS K53SV, K53SV, K53SV-2310M-S3DDAN, K53SV-2GG-SX006V, K53SV-A1, K53SV-B1, K53SV-DH51, K53SV-DH71, K53SV-SO976V, K53SV-SO977V, K53SV-SX045D, K53SV-SX045R, K53SV-SX055V, K53SV-SX056V, K53SV-SX061V, K53SV-SX071V, K53SV-SX075V, K53SV-SX077D, K53SV-SX079V, K53SV-SX080V, K53SV-SX081, K53SV-SX087V, K53SV-SX121V, K53SV-SX121X, K53SV-SX123V, K53SV-SX125, K53SV-SX126V, K53SV-SX127X, K53SV-SX128V, K53SV-SX129V, K53SV-SX129X, K53SV-SX130V, K53SV-SX130X, K53SV-SX131V, K53SV-SX136V, K53SV-SX137V, K53SV-SX144D, K53SV-SX146V, K53SV-SX149V, K53SV-SX152V, K53SV-SX156V, K53SV-SX169D, K53SV-SX174V, K53SV-SX204V, K53SV-SX223V, K53SV-SX318V, K53SV-SX376V, K53SV-SX380V, K53SV-SX390V, K53SV-SX390X, K53SV-SX391V, K53SV-SX393V, K53SV-SX507V, K53SV-SX513V, K53SV-SX542V, K53SV-SX585V, K53SV-SX619V, K53SV-SX619X, K53SV-SX620V, K53SV-SX620X, K53SV-SX621V, K53SV-SX621X, K53SV-SX622V, K53SV-SX622X, K53SV-SX623V, K53SV-SX623X, K53SV-SX624V, K53SV-SX636V, K53SV-SX690V, K53SV-SX695V, K53SV-SX721V, K53SV-SX734V, K53SV-SX798V, K53SV-SX799V, K53SV-SX812V, K53SV-SX838V, K53SV-SX849V, K53SV-SX904V, K53SV-SX922V, K53SV-SX948V, K53SV-SX967V, K53SV-SX982V, K53SV-SX984V, K53SV-V2G-SX208V ASUS K53T, K53T ASUS K53TA, K53TA, K53TA-3300M-S3DDAN, K53TA-A1, K53TA-ME1, K53TA-MT1, K53TA-SX003D, K53TA-SX007, K53TA-SX008D, K53TA-SX028V, K53TA-SX031V, K53TA-SX034V, K53TA-SX050V, K53TA-SX078V, K53TA-SX079V, K53TA-SX092V, K53TA-SX108V, K53TA-SX118V, K53TA-SX188V ASUS K53TK, K53TK, K53TK-SX012, K53TK-SX012V, K53TK-SX013V, K53TK-SX021V, K53TK-SX022V, K53TK-SX023V, K53TK-SX114V ASUS K53U, K53U, K53U-061BE450, K53U-DH21, K53U-JS11, K53U-MD2, K53U-SX002D, K53U-SX002V, K53U-SX010V, K53U-SX014D, K53U-SX014V, K53U-SX033V, K53U-SX071, K53U-SX071D, K53U-SX071V, K53U-SX072V, K53U-SX082D, K53U-SX082V, K53U-SX083V, K53U-SX106V, K53U-SX107V, K53U-SX152D, K53U-SX152V, K53U-SX153V, K53U-SX158V, K53U-SX161D, K53U-SX168V, K53U-SX169D, K53U-SX171D, K53U-SX184D, K53U-SX194V, K53U-SX229V, K53U-SX248, K53U-SX248V, K53U-SX250V, K53U-SX291V, K53U-SX297V, K53U-SX302V, K53U-SX309D, K53U-SX334V ASUS K53Z, K53Z, K53Z-MS1S, K53Z-MS2, K53Z-SX104V, K53Z-SX125V ASUS K54H, K54H ASUS K54HR, K54HR ASUS K54HY, K54HY, K54HY-5X832V ASUS K54L, K54L ASUS K54LY, K54LY ASUS K84, K84 ASUS K84C, K84C ASUS K84H, K84H ASUS K84HR, K84HR ASUS K84HY, K84HY ASUS K84L, K84L ASUS K84LY, K84LY ASUS P43, P43 ASUS P43E, P43E, P43E-VO022X, P43E-VO025X, P43E-VO045X, P43E-VO087X, P43E-VO097V, P43E-VO101X, P43E-VO102X, P43E-VO155, P43E-VO155X, P43E-VO160X, P43E-VO163D, P43E-VO164D, P43E-XH31, P43E-XH51 ASUS P43F, P43F ASUS P43J, P43J ASUS P43JC, P43JC ASUS P43S, P43S ASUS P43SJ, P43SJ, P43SJ-VO006X, P43SJ-VO085X, P43SJ-VO205XASUS P43SL, P43SL ASUS P53, P53 ASUS P53E, P53E, P53E-SO004X, P53E-SO005X, P53E-SO023X, P53E-SO025X, P53E-SO031X, P53E-SO032X, P53E-SO057X, P53E-SO059D, P53E-SO080X, P53E-SO083D, P53E-SO083X, P53E-SO102D, P53E-SO102X, P53E-SO112X, P53E-SO117X, P53E-SO121X, P53E-SO126, P53E-SO127X, P53E-SO136D, P53E-SO136X, P53E-SO137X, P53E-SO138X, P53E-SO139X, P53E-SO144X, P53E-SO152, P53E-SO160, P53E-SO160V, P53E-SO172X, P53E-SO175X, P53E-SO177V, P53E-SO188X, P53E-SO194, P53E-SO194V, P53E-SO205X, P53E-SO222X, P53E-SO223D, P53E-SO223V, P53E-SO230X, P53E-SO231X, P53E-SO239X, P53E-XB31, P53E-XH31, P53E-XH51, P53E-XS51 ASUS P53F, P53F ASUS P53J, P53J ASUS P53JC, P53JC ASUS P53S, P53S ASUS P53SJ, P53SJ, P53SJ-SO002X, P53SJ-SO016X, P53SJ-SO027X, P53SJ-SO034X, P53SJ-SO040X, P53SJ-SO043X, P53SJ-SO064X, P53SJ-SO068X, P53SJ-SO071X, P53SJ-SO082X, P53SJ-SO085X, P53SJ-SO090X, P53SJ-SO091X, P53SJ-SO098X, P53SJ-SO120X ASUS PRO4, PRO4JEB96SJ-SL, PRO4JEI235SJ-SL, PRO4JEI245SJ-SL, PRO4JEI262SJ-, PRO4JI235SJ-SL, PRO4JI245SJ-SL ASUS PRO5N, PRO5N ASUS PRO5NE, PRO5NE-SX576X ASUS PRO5P, PRO5P ASUS PRO8G, PRO8G ASUS X43, X43, X43BR, X43EC60BR-SL, X43EC60U-SL, X43EE35BY-SL, X43EE45BR-SL, X43SA, X43SD, X43SM, X43TA ASUS X43B, X43B ASUS X43BY, X43BY ASUS X43E, X43E, X43E-MS1 ASUS X43J, X43J ASUS X43JE, X43JE ASUS X43JF, X43JF ASUS X43JR, X43JR ASUS X43JX, X43JX ASUS X43S, X43S ASUS X43SA, X43SA-VX086V, X43SA-VX087V ASUS X43SD, X43SD-VX286V, X43SD-VX289V ASUS X43SJ, X43SJ, X43SJ-SX509D, X43SJ-VX120V, X43SJ-VX121V, X43SJ-VX682V, X43SJ-VX756V, X43SJ-VX787V ASUS X43SR, X43SR ASUS X43SV, X43SV, X43SV-VX018V, X43SV-VX084V, X43SV-VX085, X43SV-VX155V, X43SV-VX156V, X43SV-VX180V ASUS X43T, X43T ASUS X43U, X43U, X43U-VX083D ASUS X43V, X43V ASUS X44, X44 ASUS X44C, X44C, X44C-VX024R ASUS X44H, X44H, X44H-MS1, X44H-MS2, X44H-MS3, X44H-MS4, X44H-VX025D, X44H-VX058D, X44H-VX068, X44H-VX101D, X44H-VX102D, X44H-VX129D, X44H-VX131, X44H-VX136, X44H-VX148D, X44H-VX151D, X44H-VX152D, X44H-VX153D, X44H-VX162, X44H-VX171D, X44H-VX177D, X44H-VX188V, X44H-VX196, X44H-VX202D, X44H-VX209, X44H-VX231, X44H-VX262 ASUS X44HO, X44HO ASUS X44HR, X44HR, X44HR-VX017, X44HR-VX064D, X44HR-VX077D ASUS X44HY, X44HY, X44HY-VX041 ASUS X44L, X44L, X44L-BBK2 ASUS X44LY, X44LY, X44LY-VX010D ASUS X53B, X53B ASUS X53BR, X53BR-SX013V, X53BR-SX014V, X53BR-SX021V, X53BR-SX040V, X53BR-SX047V, X53BR-SX050V ASUS X53BY, X53BY, X53BY-SX007V, X53BY-SX030V, X53BY-SX081V, X53BY-SX196V ASUS X53E, X53E, X53E-E35BY-SL, X53E-SX082V, X53E-SX103V, X53E-SX107V, X53E-SX1209V, X53E-SX1444V, X53E-SX1556D, X53E-SX1763V, X53E-SX2001V, X53E-SX2109V, X53E-SX217V, X53E-SX235V, X53E-SX298V, X53E-SX923V, X53E-XE3, X53E-XR1 ASUS X53JU, X53JU ASUS X53KA, X53KA, X53KA-AP086C ASUS X53KE, X53KE, X53KE-AP012C ASUS X53SA, X53SA, X53SA-AP007C, X53SA-AP065C ASUS X53SC, X53SC, X53SC-SX034V, X53SC-SX035V, X53SC-SX037V, X53SC-SX038V, X53SC-SX041V, X53SC-SX042V, X53SC-SX104V, X53SC-SX129V, X53SC-SX144V, X53SC-SX182V, X53SC-SX260V, X53SC-SX286V, X53SC-SX303V, X53SC-SX304V, X53SC-SX325V, X53SC-SX345V, X53SC-SX382V, X53SC-SX383V, X53SC-SX389V, X53SC-SX390V, X53SC-SX391V, X53SC-SX392V, X53SC-SX421V, X53SC-SX425V, X53SC-SX426V, X53SC-SX427V, X53SC-SX428V, X53SC-SX432V, X53SC-SX492D, X53SC-SX562V, X53SC-SX630V, X53SC-SX655V, X53SC-SX665V, X53SC-SX674V, X53SC-SX676V, X53SC-SX740V ASUS X53SD, X53SD, X53SD-SX1035V, X53SD-SX1049V, X53SD-SX1053V, X53SD-SX1054V, X53SD-SX1057V, X53SD-SX1062V, X53SD-SX1067V, X53SD-SX1068V, X53SD-SX1079V, X53SD-SX1082V, X53SD-SX1214V, X53SD-SX1279V, X53SD-SX1280V, X53SD-SX1281V, X53SD-SX1316V, X53SD-SX1322V, X53SD-SX1323V, X53SD-SX1324V, X53SD-SX1325V, X53SD-SX171V, X53SD-SX180V, X53SD-SX186V, X53SD-SX187V, X53SD-SX188V, X53SD-SX191V, X53SD-SX192V, X53SD-SX195V, X53SD-SX209V, X53SD-SX214V, X53SD-SX228V, X53SD-SX275V, X53SD-SX405V, X53SD-SX407V, X53SD-SX422V, X53SD-SX423V, X53SD-SX460V, X53SD-SX495V, X53SD-SX533V, X53SD-SX535V, X53SD-SX536V, X53SD-SX572, X53SD-SX572V, X53SD-SX576, X53SD-SX576V, X53SD-SX600V, X53SD-SX668V, X53SD-SX699, X53SD-SX699V, X53SD-SX720V, X53SD-SX721V, X53SD-SX758V, X53SD-SX761V, X53SD-SX797V, X53SD-SX846V, X53SD-SX867V, X53SD-SX910V ASUS X53SE, X53SE ASUS X53SJ, X53SJ-SX042V, X53SJ-SX126V, X53SJ-SX127V, X53SJ-SX128V, X53SJ-SX129V, X53SJ-SX133V, X53SJ-SX134V, X53SJ-SX135V, X53SJ-SX190V, X53SJ-SX309V, X53SJ-SX310V, X53SJ-SX311V, X53SJ-SX337V, X53SJ-SX358V, X53SJ-SX359V, X53SJ-SX360V, X53SJ-SX361V, X53SJ-SX362V, X53SJ-SX376V, X53SJ-SX377V, X53SJ-SX494V, X53SJ-SX511V, X53SJ-SX525V, X53SJ-SX534V, X53SJ-SX535V, X53SJ-SX537V ASUS X53SK, X53SK, X53SK-SX028V ASUS X53SR, X53SR, X53SR-AP064C ASUS X53SV, X53SV, X53SV-SX095V, X53SV-SX097V, X53SV-SX102V, X53SV-SX110V, X53SV-SX111V, X53SV-SX132V, X53SV-SX173V, X53SV-SX177V, X53SV-SX178V, X53SV-SX182V, X53SV-SX198V, X53SV-SX200V, X53SV-SX212V, X53SV-SX214V, X53SV-SX218V, X53SV-SX234V, X53SV-SX239V, X53SV-SX246V, X53SV-SX291V, X53SV-SX292V, X53SV-SX296V, X53SV-SX311V, X53SV-SX342V, X53SV-SX344V, X53SV-SX345V, X53SV-SX361V, X53SV-SX464V, X53SV-SX499V, X53SV-SX600V, X53SV-SX750V, X53SV-SX855V ASUS X53T, X53T ASUS X53TA, X53TA, X53TA-SX015V, X53TA-SX016V, X53TA-SX076V, X53TA-SX096D, X53TA-SX133V, X53TA-SX138V, X53TA-SX139V, X53TA-SX143V, X53TA-SX319V ASUS X53TK, X53TK-SX007V, X53TK-SX045V, X53TK-SX093V, X53TK-SX096V ASUS X53U, X53U, X53U-SX029V, X53U-SX065V, X53U-SX090V, X53U-SX101, X53U-SX155V, X53U-SX176V, X53U-SX181D, X53U-XR1, X53U-XR2 ASUS X53XC, X53XC-60U-SL ASUS X53XE, X53XE-35BY-SL, X53XE-45BR-SL, X53XE-45BY-SL ASUS X53XI, X53XI-233SJ-SL ASUS X53Z, X53Z ASUS X54, X54 ASUS X54C, X54C, X54C-BBK3, X54C-MS1, X54C-SO066V, X54C-SO083D, X54C-SO093V, X54C-SO129D, X54C-SO129V, X54C-SO142V, X54C-SO155V, X54C-SO249DU, X54C-SO263V, X54C-SO295V, X54C-SO331V, X54C-SO407D, X54C-SO415D, X54C-SX005D, X54C-SX009D, X54C-SX009V, X54C-SX018, X54C-SX019D, X54C-SX020V, X54C-SX020X, X54C-SX025V, X54C-SX026V, X54C-SX034V, X54C-SX035D, X54C-SX035V, X54C-SX036V, X54C-SX037D, X54C-SX037V, X54C-SX038D, X54C-SX038V, X54C-SX039D, X54C-SX047D, X54C-SX048D, X54C-SX048O, X54C-SX048V, X54C-SX049, X54C-SX049D, X54C-SX049V, X54C-SX051D, X54C-SX063V, X54C-SX070R, X54C-SX072V, X54C-SX072X, X54C-SX073D, X54C-SX073V, X54C-SX073X, X54C-SX074V, X54C-SX078V, X54C-SX079V, X54C-SX091, X54C-SX091V, X54C-SX092V, X54C-SX096D, X54C-SX096V, X54C-SX096X, X54C-SX102V, X54C-SX103D, X54C-SX108V, X54C-SX109V, X54C-SX127V, X54C-SX132V, X54C-SX143X, X54C-SX151V, X54C-SX177D, X54C-SX178R, X54C-SX260D, X54C-SX261D, X54C-SX262V, X54C-SX282V, X54C-SX287D, X54C-SX287V, X54C-SX287X, X54C-SX289V, X54C-SX289X, X54C-SX292V, X54C-SX294V, X54C-SX316D, X54C-SX317V, X54C-SX318V, X54C-SX323V, X54C-SX326V, X54C-SX339V, X54C-SX365D, X54C-SX431V, X54C-SX447V, X54C-SX461V, X54C-SX461X, X54C-SX495, X54C-SX495DU, X54C-SX496V, X54C-SX496X, X54C-SX503V, X54C-SX524V, X54C-SX536V ASUS X54F, X54F ASUS X54H, X54H, X54H-SO166V, X54H-SO180V, X54H-SO181V, X54H-SX068V, X54H-SX068X, X54H-SX073V, X54H-SX074D, X54H-SX074V, X54H-SX074X, X54H-SX086V, X54H-SX091D, X54H-SX121V, X54H-SX122V, X54H-SX123D, X54H-SX123V, X54H-SX136D, X54H-SX137D, X54H-SX168V, X54H-SX177V, X54H-SX186V, X54H-SX261D ASUS X54HB, X54HB ASUS X54HR, X54HR, X54HR-135KB970, X54HR-SO106D, X54HR-SO119V, X54HR-SO219V, X54HR-SO320V, X54HR-SV021V, X54HR-SX011D, X54HR-SX018, X54HR-SX018V, X54HR-SX021V, X54HR-SX021X, X54HR-SX026D, X54HR-SX026V, X54HR-SX026X, X54HR-SX029, X54HR-SX029D, X54HR-SX034V, X54HR-SX037V, X54HR-SX043, X54HR-SX043D, X54HR-SX043V, X54HR-SX046V, X54HR-SX047V, X54HR-SX048V, X54HR-SX050D, X54HR-SX050V, X54HR-SX050X, X54HR-SX051V, X54HR-SX052V, X54HR-SX057, X54HR-SX057V, X54HR-SX069D, X54HR-SX071D, X54HR-SX073D, X54HR-SX083V, X54HR-SX118D, X54HR-SX126V, X54HR-SX138D, X54HR-SX138V, X54HR-SX143V, X54HR-SX165D, X54HR-SX169V, X54HR-SX170V, X54HR-SX188V, X54HR-SX193D, X54HR-SX193R, X54HR-SX196V, X54HR-SX196X, X54HR-SX314V, X54HR-SX315V, X54HR-SX316V, X54HR-SX321V, X54HR-SX341V, X54HR-SX342V, X54HR-SX360V, X54HR-SX460V ASUS X54HY, X54HY, X54HY-SO155V, X54HY-SO168D, X54HY-SX015D, X54HY-SX025V, X54HY-SX030V, X54HY-SX030X, X54HY-SX032V, X54HY-SX038V, X54HY-SX038X, X54HY-SX042, X54HY-SX042V, X54HY-SX042X, X54HY-SX045V, X54HY-SX047, X54HY-SX047V, X54HY-SX057D, X54HY-SX061V, X54HY-SX072V, X54HY-SX076V, X54HY-SX082V, X54HY-SX126D, X54HY-SX157V ASUS X54K, X54K ASUS X54L, X54L, X54L-SX012V, X54L-SX012X, X54L-SX020V, X54L-SX020X, X54L-SX021V, X54L-SX030D, X54L-SX030V, X54L-SX030X, X54L-SX121V ASUS X54LB, X54LB ASUS X54LY, X54LY, X54LY-SX005X ASUS X5P, X5P ASUS X84, X84, X84EB815HR-SL, X84EB94HR-SL, X84EB95HR-SL, X84EB96HR-SL, X84EI233LY-SL, X84EI235HR-SL ASUS X84C, X84C ASUS X84H, X84H ASUS X84HO, X84HO ASUS X84HR, X84HR ASUS X84HY, X84HY ASUS X84L, X84L ASUS X84LY, X84LY ASUS X84S, X84S ASUS X84SL, X84SL ASUS Z54, Z54
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