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  • Battery 5200mAh for ASUS X5DIN-SX142V X5DIN-SX176C
5200mAh Battery 5200mAh for ASUS X5DIN-SX142V X5DIN-SX176C

Battery 5200mAh for ASUS X5DIN-SX142V X5DIN-SX176C

Quick Overview

Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
cell technology: Li-ion
Number of Cells: 6

Availability: 2 Pezzi



Lithium-ion cells to the Japanese assembled with high-quality lithium-ion battery.

It complies with the European Community legislation. It complies with the currently applicable criteria of production and disposal within the European Community. Product CE & RoHs.

PLEASE NOTE The battery 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible with each other. The battery 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible with each other.

Additional Information

Codici Compatibili 07G016761875 07G016AP1875 07G016AQ1875 70-NV41B1100Z 70-NVJ1B1000PZ 70-NVJ1B1000Z 70-NVJ1B1100Z 70-NVJ1B1200Z 70-NVK1B1000PZ 70-NVK1B1000Z 70-NVK1B1100Z 70-NVK1B1200Z 70-NVK1B1400Z 70-NVK1B1500Z 70-NVP1B1000PZ 70-NVP1B1000Z 70-NVP1B1200Z 70-NW91B1000Z 70-NWP1B1000Z 70-NX31B1000Z 70-NX31B1100Z 70-NXI1B1000Z 70-NXJ1B1000Z 90-NVD1B1000Y A32-F52 A32F52 A32 F52 A32-F82 A32F82 A32 F82 AS-K50 ASK50 AS K50 F82L69C L0690L6 L0A2016
Modelli Compatibili F52 F52A F52Q F52SL F52Q-L0690L6 F52Q-SX026E F52Q-SX027C F52Q-SX064C F52Q-SX065E F82 F82A F82Q K40 K40AB K40AC K40AD K40AD-X8AAD K40AE K40AF K40C K40ID K40IE K40IJ K40IL K40IN K40IP K40IJ-A1 K40IJ-B1B K40IJ-C2B K40IJ-D1 K40IJ-MA1 K40IJ-VX074X K40IJ-VX241X K40IJ-VX304 K40IJ-VX304V K40IN-A1 K40IN-B1 K40IN-MA1 K40IN-MB1 K40IN-VX093V K40IN-VX148X K50 K50AB K50AD K50AE K50AF K50AB-SX011A K50AB-SX011C K50AB-SX024A K50AB-SX029C K50AB-SX030C K50AB-SX041C K50AB-SX044C K50AB-SX068A K50AB-SX068C K50AB-SX073C K50AB-SX073V K50AB-SX084C K50AB-SX101V K50AB-X2A K50AD-SX001V K50AD-SX006V K50AD-SX014V K50AD-SX032V K50AD-SX066X K50AD-SX068V K50AD-SX078V K50AD-SX080L K50AD-SX085V K50AF-SX012V K50AF-SX012X K50AF-SX014V K50AF-SX015V K50AF-SX015X K50AF-SX020L K50AF-SX025 K50AF-SX025V K50AF-SX026V K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP K50C-SX002 K50C-SX002-3 K50C-SX0023 K50C-SX002A K50C-SX002V K50C-SX002X K50C-SX009 K50C-SX009V K50C-SX010V K50C-SX052 K50ID-SX042V K50ID-SX049V K50ID-SX054 K50ID-SX054V K50ID-SX067 K50ID-SX067V K50ID-SX072V K50ID-SX082V K50ID-SX086 K50ID-SX086V K50ID-SX090 K50ID-SX091X K50ID-SX0967 K50ID-SX114V K50ID-SX114X K50ID-SX123V K50ID-SX134V K50ID-SX150V K50ID-SX162V K50ID-SX168V K50ID-SX170 K50ID-SX170V K50ID-SX194V K50ID-SX211V K50IE-SX003V K50IE-SX019V K50IE-SX023V K50IE-SX031 K50IE-SX034X K50IE-SX035V K50IE-SX038X K50IE-SX046V K50IE-SX063X K50IE-SX069 K50IE-SX070 K50IE-SX076X K50IE-SX158V K50IE-SX159 K50IE-SX170 K50IJ-A1 K50IJ-A2B K50IJ-B1 K50IJ-C2B K50IJ-C900SCEFWW K50IJ-C900SCELWW K50IJ-D1 K50IJ-EX138C K50IJ-MA1 K50IJ-MB1 K50IJ-MC1 K50IJ-SX001C K50IJ-SX002C K50IJ-SX002E K50IJ-SX003A K50IJ-SX003C K50IJ-SX003E K50IJ-SX003V K50IJ-SX006L K50IJ-SX008L K50IJ-SX009C K50IJ-SX009C-N12228P K50IJ-SX009E K50IJ-SX036L K50IJ-SX043C K50IJ-SX043E K50IJ-SX046C K50IJ-SX051C K50IJ-SX054E K50IJ-SX063V K50IJ-SX064E K50IJ-SX067C K50IJ-SX067X K50IJ-SX071C K50IJ-SX076C K50IJ-SX076V K50IJ-SX081E K50IJ-SX081X K50IJ-SX099V K50IJ-SX124V K50IJ-SX136V K50IJ-SX138C K50IJ-SX138E K50IJ-SX138V K50IJ-SX138X K50IJ-SX144C K50IJ-SX144V K50IJ-SX145C K50IJ-SX145V K50IJ-SX145X K50IJ-SX148C K50IJ-SX148E K50IJ-SX148V K50IJ-SX148X K50IJ-SX151V K50IJ-SX154V K50IJ-SX164X K50IJ-SX166C K50IJ-SX166V K50IJ-SX173X K50IJ-SX178E K50IJ-SX188V K50IJ-SX228X K50IJ-SX245X K50IJ-SX248V K50IJ-SX248X K50IJ-SX249L K50IJ-SX249V K50IJ-SX256V K50IJ-SX261V K50IJ-SX262 K50IJ-SX263L K50IJ-SX263V K50IJ-SX264V K50IJ-SX276X K50IJ-SX277X K50IJ-SX280V K50IJ-SX282 K50IJ-SX285V K50IJ-SX288V K50IJ-SX291X K50IJ-SX298X K50IJ-SX304X K50IJ-SX322V K50IJ-SX325 K50IJ-SX325V K50IJ-SX326V K50IJ-SX326X K50IJ-SX344X K50IJ-SX365X K50IJ-SX365X-G K50IJ-SX416V K50IJ-SX419 K50IJ-SX419V K50IJ-SX424V K50IJ-SX429V K50IJ-SX447V K50IJ-SX467X K50IJ-SX474V K50IJ-SX482V K50IJ-SX485V K50IJ-SX497 K50IJ-SX497V K50IJ-SX539V K50IJ-SX540D K50IJ-SX543D K50IJ-SX543V K50IJ-SX543X K50IJ-SX546V K50IN-SX001C K50IN-SX002C K50IN-SX003C K50IN-SX003E K50IN-SX025C K50IN-SX025E K50IN-SX025V K50IN-SX042E K50IN-SX077X K50IN-SX080E K50IN-SX094C K50IN-SX100C K50IN-SX100E K50IN-SX101E K50IN-SX120C K50IN-SX132C K50IN-SX132V K50IN-SX139C K50IN-SX139E K50IN-SX139V K50IN-SX139X K50IN-SX147C K50IN-SX149C K50IN-SX149V K50IN-SX149X K50IN-SX152V K50IN-SX152X K50IN-SX154C K50IN-SX154V K50IN-SX169C K50IN-SX177V K50IN-SX177X K50IN-SX256V K50IN-SX266X K50IN-SX270V K50IN-SX270X K50IN-SX283X K50IN-SX290L K50IN-SX314V K50IN-SX336L K50IN-SX359X K50IN-SX367 K50IP-SX004V K50IP-SX010V K50IP-SX011V K50IP-SX025X K50IP-SX032 K50IP-SX032V K50IP-SX033V K50IP-SX037 K50IP-SX050X K50IP-SX063V K50IP-SX074V K50IP-SX111V K51 K51AB K51AC K51AE K51IO K51AC-SX003C K51AC-SX029V K51AC-SX032C K51AC-SX032V K51AC-SX037D K51AC-SX038C K51AC-SX038V K51AC-SX040C K51AC-SX062V K51AC-SX077D K51AC-SX080V K51AC-SX082V K51AE-SX021V K51AE-SX040V K51AE-SX046V K51AE-SX048 K51AE-SX049L K51AE-SX058V K51AE-SX059D K51AE-SX059V K51AE-SX063V K60 K60IJ K60IL K60IN K61 K61IC K61LC K61IC-JX012V K61IC-JX012X K61IC-JX013V K61IC-JX017V K61IC-JX017X K61IC-JX019V K61IC-JX035X K61IC-JX036V K61IC-JX036X K61IC-JX075X K61IC-JX080X K61IC-JX096X K61IC-JX120V K70 K70AB K70AC K70AD K70AE K70AF K70AB-TY001C K70AB-TY002C K70AB-TY003C K70AB-TY019C K70AB-TY050C K70AB-TY050V K70AB-TY053C K70AB-TY053V K70AB-TY055V K70AB-TY060V K70AC-TY026C K70AC-TY026V K70AC-TY034V K70AC-TY045V K70AC-TY050V K70AD-TY005V K70AD-TY010V K70AD-TY011V K70AD-TY059V K70AD-TY060L K70AE-TY016V K70AE-TY026 K70AE-TY037L K70AE-TY039V K70AF-TY007V K70AF-TY008 K70AF-TY011 K70AF-TY011V K70AF-TY016L K70AF-TY041V K70IC K70ID K70IJ K70IL K70IO K70IC-111L K70IC-TY006V K70IC-TY006X K70IC-TY009V K70IC-TY010V K70IC-TY010X K70IC-TY013V K70IC-TY014V K70IC-TY052X K70IC-TY054X K70IC-TY072V K70IC-TY095V K70IC-TY097V K70IC-TY097X K70IC-TY104X K70IC-TY111L K70IC-TY120X K70ID-TY005V K70ID-TY007V K70ID-TY012V K70ID-TY013V K70ID-TY014 K70ID-TY015X K70ID-TY040 K70ID-TY040V K70ID-TY042X K70ID-TY050V K70ID-TY060V K70ID-TY087V K70IJ-TY002C K70IJ-TY002V K70IJ-TY003C K70IJ-TY003E K70IJ-TY006C K70IJ-TY006E K70IJ-TY006V K70IJ-TY007C K70IJ-TY009E K70IJ-TY022C K70IJ-TY026C K70IJ-TY038V K70IJ-TY041E K70IJ-TY041L K70IJ-TY041X K70IJ-TY042V K70IJ-TY044C K70IJ-TY044C-N12238P K70IJ-TY044V K70IJ-TY044X K70IJ-TY045E K70IJ-TY049X K70IJ-TY055V K70IJ-TY056V K70IJ-TY074X K70IJ-TY078X K70IJ-TY084X K70IJ-TY085L K70IJ-TY085V K70IJ-TY090V K70IJ-TY096X K70IJ-TY097 K70IJ-TY098V K70IJ-TY102V K70IJ-TY104V K70IJ-TY107L K70IJ-TY107V K70IJ-TY108V K70IJ-TY111X K70IJ-TY114X K70IJ-TY123X K70IJ-TY127X K70IJ-TY130V K70IJ-TY132V K70IJ-TY137V K70IJ-TY142V K70IJ-TY143V K70IJ-TY145V K70IJ-TY146V K70IJ-TY164V K70IJ-TY178V K70IJ-X1 K70IL-TY007X K70IL-TY030X K70IO-TY002C K70IO-TY002E K70IO-TY002V K70IO-TY003C K70IO-TY004C K70IO-TY005C K70IO-TY005E K70IO-TY014C K70IO-TY014E K70IO-TY014V K70IO-TY015C K70IO-TY016C K70IO-TY019C K70IO-TY020C K70IO-TY020E K70IO-TY027C K70IO-TY069C K70IO-TY069V K70IO-TY069X K70IO-TY072C K70IO-TY072E K70IO-TY072V K70IO-TY072X K70IO-TY073C K70IO-TY074C K70IO-TY074V K70IO-TY078C K70IO-TY078V K70IO-TY078X K70IO-TY080X K70IO-TY084C K70IO-TY108X K70IO-TY109X P50 P50IJ P50IJ-SO008L P50IJ-SO010X P50IJ-SO026X P50IJ-SO036X P50IJ-SO037X P50IJ-SO048 P50IJ-SO048X P50IJ-SO062X P50IJ-SO066L P50IJ-SO071X P50IJ-SO094X P50IJ-SO097X P50IJ-SO119D P50IJ-SO119V P50IJ-SO127V P50IJ-SO164X P50IJ-SO176V P50IJ-SO192D P50IJ-SO192V P50IJ-SO199X P50IJ-SO200D P50IJ-SO200V P50IJ-SO200X P81 P81IJ P81IJ-VO024X PRO50DI PRO5C PRO5CQ PRO5CQ-SX053C PRO5D PRO5DAB PRO5DAF PRO5DAF-SX065V PRO5DI PRO5DI-SX167V PRO5DID PRO5DID-SX235V PRO5DIJ PRO5DIJ-SX031X PRO5DIJ-SX121C PRO5DIJ-SX129E PRO5DIJ-SX227V PRO5DIJ-SX294V PRO5DIJ-SX301X PRO5DIJ-SX452V PRO5DIJ-SX481V PRO5DIP PRO5DIP-SX115V PRO5E PRO5EAE PRO5EAE-SX036X PRO5EAE-SX068X PRO5EAE-SX087V PRO5J PRO5JIJ PRO5JIJ-SO056X PRO5JIJ-SX025X PRO65 PRO66 PRO79 PRO66IC PRO66IC-JX015X PRO79AE PRO79AE-TY036V PRO79AE-TY049V PRO79IC PRO79IC-TY036V PRO79IJ PRO79IJ-TY025E PRO79IJ-TY032C PRO79IJ-TY066X PRO79IJ-TY095X PRO79IJ-TY113X PRO79IJ-TY133V PRO79IJ-TY141V PRO79IJ-TY167V PRO79IJ-TY168V PRO8 PRO88 PRO8B PRO8D X5A X5C X5CQ X5CQ-SX033C X5D X5DAB X5DAD X5DAF X5DC X5DAB-SX013A X5DAB-SX028V X5DAB-SX035C X5DAB-SX037C X5DAB-SX038C X5DAB-SX050V X5DAB-SX051C X5DAB-SX051V X5DAB-SX058C X5DAB-SX070C X5DAB-SX071C X5DAB-SX071V X5DAB-SX080C X5DAB-SX093C X5DAB-SX096V X5DAD-SX005V X5DAD-SX049V X5DAD-SX069V X5DAF-SX013V X5DAF-SX023V X5DC-SX021V X5DC-SX033V X5DC-SX048V X5DI X5DID X5DIE X5DIJ X5DIL X5DIN X5DIP X5DL X5DID-SX058V X5DID-SX071V X5DID-SX073V X5DID-SX173V X5DIE-SX130V X5DIE-SX144V X5DIE-SX151V X5DIE-SX163V X5DIJ-SX014A X5DIJ-SX014E X5DIJ-SX033C X5DIJ-SX034C X5DIJ-SX034E X5DIJ-SX039C X5DIJ-SX039E X5DIJ-SX060V X5DIJ-SX062A X5DIJ-SX091X X5DIJ-SX101L X5DIJ-SX102C X5DIJ-SX105E X5DIJ-SX111C X5DIJ-SX140E X5DIJ-SX165V X5DIJ-SX167C X5DIJ-SX167V X5DIJ-SX169C X5DIJ-SX213V X5DIJ-SX238V X5DIJ-SX247V X5DIJ-SX278X X5DIJ-SX281V X5DIJ-SX313V X5DIJ-SX331V X5DIJ-SX449V X5DIJ-SX699V X5DIN-SX009C X5DIN-SX031C X5DIN-SX033C X5DIN-SX035C X5DIN-SX035E X5DIN-SX041V X5DIN-SX054C X5DIN-SX073C X5DIN-SX092C X5DIN-SX105C X5DIN-SX134C X5DIN-SX142V X5DIN-SX176C X5DIN-SX183V X5DIN-SX184X X5DIN-SX207C X5DIN-SX207V X5DIN-SX297V X5DIN-SX320V X5DIP-SX015V X5DIP-SX016V X5DIP-SX086V X5E X5EAC X5EAE X5EAC-SX008C X5EAC-SX035V X5EAC-SX036V X5EAE-SX002V X5EAE-SX011V X5EAE-SX014V X5EAE-SX081V X5JIJ X5JIJ-SX084V X5JJ X66 X661C X66IC X66IC-JX003V X66IC-JX010V X66IC-JX011V X66IC-JX015X X66IC-JX126V X70 X70A X70AB X70AC X70AD X70AE X70AF X70E X70F X70AB-TY005C X70AB-TY024C X70AB-TY027V X70AC-TY011C X70AC-TY016C X70AC-TY025C X70AC-TY033V X70AD-TY055V X70AE-TY003V X70AE-TY046V X70AE-TY047V X70AF-TY002V X70AF-TY013V X70AF-TY28V X70F-7S045C X70F-7S060C X70I X70IC X70ID X70IJ X70IL X70IO X70KR X70IC-TY007V X70IC-TY008V X70IC-TY021V X70IC-TY084V X70IC-TY085V X70IC-TY094V X70IC-TY110V X70ID-TY004V X70ID-TY017V X70ID-TY063V X70IJ-TY112V X70IJ-TY138V X70IJ-TY159V X70IJ-TY161V X70IJ-TY163V X70IJ-TY177V X70IJ-TY180V X70IO-TY011C X70IO-TY021C X70IO-TY022C X70IO-TY076V X70IO-TY097V X70KR-7S082C X70L X70SE X70SR X70Z X70L-7S009C X70L-7S010C X70L-7S077P X70L-7S085C X70SE-7S034C X70SE-7S105 X70SE-7S105C X70SE-7S112C X70SR-7S041C X70SR-7S042C X70SR-7S120C X70Z-7S018C X87 X87Q X8A X8AAB X8AAD X8AAF X8AC X8AID X8AID-VX051C X8AIE X8AIJ X8AIL X8AIN X8AIP X8BVT
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