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  • Battery 5200mAh for ASUS K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP
5200mAh Battery 5200mAh for ASUS K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP

Battery 5200mAh for ASUS K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP

Quick Overview

Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
cell technology: Li-ion
Number of Cells: 6

Availability: 2 Pezzi



Lithium-ion cells to the Japanese assembled with high-quality lithium-ion battery.

It complies with the European Community legislation. It complies with the currently applicable criteria of production and disposal within the European Community. Product CE & RoHs.

PLEASE NOTE The battery 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible with each other. The battery 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible with each other.

Additional Information

Codici Compatibili 07G016761875 07G016AP1875 07G016AQ1875 70-NV41B1100Z 70-NVJ1B1000PZ 70-NVJ1B1000Z 70-NVJ1B1100Z 70-NVJ1B1200Z 70-NVK1B1000PZ 70-NVK1B1000Z 70-NVK1B1100Z 70-NVK1B1200Z 70-NVK1B1400Z 70-NVK1B1500Z 70-NVP1B1000PZ 70-NVP1B1000Z 70-NVP1B1200Z 70-NW91B1000Z 70-NWP1B1000Z 70-NX31B1000Z 70-NX31B1100Z 70-NXI1B1000Z 70-NXJ1B1000Z 90-NVD1B1000Y A32-F52 A32F52 A32 F52 A32-F82 A32F82 A32 F82 AS-K50 ASK50 AS K50 F82L69C L0690L6 L0A2016
Modelli Compatibili F52 F52A F52Q F52SL F52Q-L0690L6 F52Q-SX026E F52Q-SX027C F52Q-SX064C F52Q-SX065E F82 F82A F82Q K40 K40AB K40AC K40AD K40AD-X8AAD K40AE K40AF K40C K40ID K40IE K40IJ K40IL K40IN K40IP K40IJ-A1 K40IJ-B1B K40IJ-C2B K40IJ-D1 K40IJ-MA1 K40IJ-VX074X K40IJ-VX241X K40IJ-VX304 K40IJ-VX304V K40IN-A1 K40IN-B1 K40IN-MA1 K40IN-MB1 K40IN-VX093V K40IN-VX148X K50 K50AB K50AD K50AE K50AF K50AB-SX011A K50AB-SX011C K50AB-SX024A K50AB-SX029C K50AB-SX030C K50AB-SX041C K50AB-SX044C K50AB-SX068A K50AB-SX068C K50AB-SX073C K50AB-SX073V K50AB-SX084C K50AB-SX101V K50AB-X2A K50AD-SX001V K50AD-SX006V K50AD-SX014V K50AD-SX032V K50AD-SX066X K50AD-SX068V K50AD-SX078V K50AD-SX080L K50AD-SX085V K50AF-SX012V K50AF-SX012X K50AF-SX014V K50AF-SX015V K50AF-SX015X K50AF-SX020L K50AF-SX025 K50AF-SX025V K50AF-SX026V K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP K50C-SX002 K50C-SX002-3 K50C-SX0023 K50C-SX002A K50C-SX002V K50C-SX002X K50C-SX009 K50C-SX009V K50C-SX010V K50C-SX052 K50ID-SX042V K50ID-SX049V K50ID-SX054 K50ID-SX054V K50ID-SX067 K50ID-SX067V K50ID-SX072V K50ID-SX082V K50ID-SX086 K50ID-SX086V K50ID-SX090 K50ID-SX091X K50ID-SX0967 K50ID-SX114V K50ID-SX114X K50ID-SX123V K50ID-SX134V K50ID-SX150V K50ID-SX162V K50ID-SX168V K50ID-SX170 K50ID-SX170V K50ID-SX194V K50ID-SX211V K50IE-SX003V K50IE-SX019V K50IE-SX023V K50IE-SX031 K50IE-SX034X K50IE-SX035V K50IE-SX038X K50IE-SX046V K50IE-SX063X K50IE-SX069 K50IE-SX070 K50IE-SX076X K50IE-SX158V K50IE-SX159 K50IE-SX170 K50IJ-A1 K50IJ-A2B K50IJ-B1 K50IJ-C2B K50IJ-C900SCEFWW K50IJ-C900SCELWW K50IJ-D1 K50IJ-EX138C K50IJ-MA1 K50IJ-MB1 K50IJ-MC1 K50IJ-SX001C K50IJ-SX002C K50IJ-SX002E K50IJ-SX003A K50IJ-SX003C K50IJ-SX003E K50IJ-SX003V K50IJ-SX006L K50IJ-SX008L K50IJ-SX009C K50IJ-SX009C-N12228P K50IJ-SX009E K50IJ-SX036L K50IJ-SX043C K50IJ-SX043E K50IJ-SX046C K50IJ-SX051C K50IJ-SX054E K50IJ-SX063V K50IJ-SX064E K50IJ-SX067C K50IJ-SX067X K50IJ-SX071C K50IJ-SX076C K50IJ-SX076V K50IJ-SX081E K50IJ-SX081X K50IJ-SX099V K50IJ-SX124V K50IJ-SX136V K50IJ-SX138C K50IJ-SX138E K50IJ-SX138V K50IJ-SX138X K50IJ-SX144C K50IJ-SX144V K50IJ-SX145C K50IJ-SX145V K50IJ-SX145X K50IJ-SX148C K50IJ-SX148E K50IJ-SX148V K50IJ-SX148X K50IJ-SX151V K50IJ-SX154V K50IJ-SX164X K50IJ-SX166C K50IJ-SX166V K50IJ-SX173X K50IJ-SX178E K50IJ-SX188V K50IJ-SX228X K50IJ-SX245X K50IJ-SX248V K50IJ-SX248X K50IJ-SX249L K50IJ-SX249V K50IJ-SX256V K50IJ-SX261V K50IJ-SX262 K50IJ-SX263L K50IJ-SX263V K50IJ-SX264V K50IJ-SX276X K50IJ-SX277X K50IJ-SX280V K50IJ-SX282 K50IJ-SX285V K50IJ-SX288V K50IJ-SX291X K50IJ-SX298X K50IJ-SX304X K50IJ-SX322V K50IJ-SX325 K50IJ-SX325V K50IJ-SX326V K50IJ-SX326X K50IJ-SX344X K50IJ-SX365X K50IJ-SX365X-G K50IJ-SX416V K50IJ-SX419 K50IJ-SX419V K50IJ-SX424V K50IJ-SX429V K50IJ-SX447V K50IJ-SX467X K50IJ-SX474V K50IJ-SX482V K50IJ-SX485V K50IJ-SX497 K50IJ-SX497V K50IJ-SX539V K50IJ-SX540D K50IJ-SX543D K50IJ-SX543V K50IJ-SX543X K50IJ-SX546V K50IN-SX001C K50IN-SX002C K50IN-SX003C K50IN-SX003E K50IN-SX025C K50IN-SX025E K50IN-SX025V K50IN-SX042E K50IN-SX077X K50IN-SX080E K50IN-SX094C K50IN-SX100C K50IN-SX100E K50IN-SX101E K50IN-SX120C K50IN-SX132C K50IN-SX132V K50IN-SX139C K50IN-SX139E K50IN-SX139V K50IN-SX139X K50IN-SX147C K50IN-SX149C K50IN-SX149V K50IN-SX149X K50IN-SX152V K50IN-SX152X K50IN-SX154C K50IN-SX154V K50IN-SX169C K50IN-SX177V K50IN-SX177X K50IN-SX256V K50IN-SX266X K50IN-SX270V K50IN-SX270X K50IN-SX283X K50IN-SX290L K50IN-SX314V K50IN-SX336L K50IN-SX359X K50IN-SX367 K50IP-SX004V K50IP-SX010V K50IP-SX011V K50IP-SX025X K50IP-SX032 K50IP-SX032V K50IP-SX033V K50IP-SX037 K50IP-SX050X K50IP-SX063V K50IP-SX074V K50IP-SX111V K51 K51AB K51AC K51AE K51IO K51AC-SX003C K51AC-SX029V K51AC-SX032C K51AC-SX032V K51AC-SX037D K51AC-SX038C K51AC-SX038V K51AC-SX040C K51AC-SX062V K51AC-SX077D K51AC-SX080V K51AC-SX082V K51AE-SX021V K51AE-SX040V K51AE-SX046V K51AE-SX048 K51AE-SX049L K51AE-SX058V K51AE-SX059D K51AE-SX059V K51AE-SX063V K60 K60IJ K60IL K60IN K61 K61IC K61LC K61IC-JX012V K61IC-JX012X K61IC-JX013V K61IC-JX017V K61IC-JX017X K61IC-JX019V K61IC-JX035X K61IC-JX036V K61IC-JX036X K61IC-JX075X K61IC-JX080X K61IC-JX096X K61IC-JX120V K70 K70AB K70AC K70AD K70AE K70AF K70AB-TY001C K70AB-TY002C K70AB-TY003C K70AB-TY019C K70AB-TY050C K70AB-TY050V K70AB-TY053C K70AB-TY053V K70AB-TY055V K70AB-TY060V K70AC-TY026C K70AC-TY026V K70AC-TY034V K70AC-TY045V K70AC-TY050V K70AD-TY005V K70AD-TY010V K70AD-TY011V K70AD-TY059V K70AD-TY060L K70AE-TY016V K70AE-TY026 K70AE-TY037L K70AE-TY039V K70AF-TY007V K70AF-TY008 K70AF-TY011 K70AF-TY011V K70AF-TY016L K70AF-TY041V K70IC K70ID K70IJ K70IL K70IO K70IC-111L K70IC-TY006V K70IC-TY006X K70IC-TY009V K70IC-TY010V K70IC-TY010X K70IC-TY013V K70IC-TY014V K70IC-TY052X K70IC-TY054X K70IC-TY072V K70IC-TY095V K70IC-TY097V K70IC-TY097X K70IC-TY104X K70IC-TY111L K70IC-TY120X K70ID-TY005V K70ID-TY007V K70ID-TY012V K70ID-TY013V K70ID-TY014 K70ID-TY015X K70ID-TY040 K70ID-TY040V K70ID-TY042X K70ID-TY050V K70ID-TY060V K70ID-TY087V K70IJ-TY002C K70IJ-TY002V K70IJ-TY003C K70IJ-TY003E K70IJ-TY006C K70IJ-TY006E K70IJ-TY006V K70IJ-TY007C K70IJ-TY009E K70IJ-TY022C K70IJ-TY026C K70IJ-TY038V K70IJ-TY041E K70IJ-TY041L K70IJ-TY041X K70IJ-TY042V K70IJ-TY044C K70IJ-TY044C-N12238P K70IJ-TY044V K70IJ-TY044X K70IJ-TY045E K70IJ-TY049X K70IJ-TY055V K70IJ-TY056V K70IJ-TY074X K70IJ-TY078X K70IJ-TY084X K70IJ-TY085L K70IJ-TY085V K70IJ-TY090V K70IJ-TY096X K70IJ-TY097 K70IJ-TY098V K70IJ-TY102V K70IJ-TY104V K70IJ-TY107L K70IJ-TY107V K70IJ-TY108V K70IJ-TY111X K70IJ-TY114X K70IJ-TY123X K70IJ-TY127X K70IJ-TY130V K70IJ-TY132V K70IJ-TY137V K70IJ-TY142V K70IJ-TY143V K70IJ-TY145V K70IJ-TY146V K70IJ-TY164V K70IJ-TY178V K70IJ-X1 K70IL-TY007X K70IL-TY030X K70IO-TY002C K70IO-TY002E K70IO-TY002V K70IO-TY003C K70IO-TY004C K70IO-TY005C K70IO-TY005E K70IO-TY014C K70IO-TY014E K70IO-TY014V K70IO-TY015C K70IO-TY016C K70IO-TY019C K70IO-TY020C K70IO-TY020E K70IO-TY027C K70IO-TY069C K70IO-TY069V K70IO-TY069X K70IO-TY072C K70IO-TY072E K70IO-TY072V K70IO-TY072X K70IO-TY073C K70IO-TY074C K70IO-TY074V K70IO-TY078C K70IO-TY078V K70IO-TY078X K70IO-TY080X K70IO-TY084C K70IO-TY108X K70IO-TY109X P50 P50IJ P50IJ-SO008L P50IJ-SO010X P50IJ-SO026X P50IJ-SO036X P50IJ-SO037X P50IJ-SO048 P50IJ-SO048X P50IJ-SO062X P50IJ-SO066L P50IJ-SO071X P50IJ-SO094X P50IJ-SO097X P50IJ-SO119D P50IJ-SO119V P50IJ-SO127V P50IJ-SO164X P50IJ-SO176V P50IJ-SO192D P50IJ-SO192V P50IJ-SO199X P50IJ-SO200D P50IJ-SO200V P50IJ-SO200X P81 P81IJ P81IJ-VO024X PRO50DI PRO5C PRO5CQ PRO5CQ-SX053C PRO5D PRO5DAB PRO5DAF PRO5DAF-SX065V PRO5DI PRO5DI-SX167V PRO5DID PRO5DID-SX235V PRO5DIJ PRO5DIJ-SX031X PRO5DIJ-SX121C PRO5DIJ-SX129E PRO5DIJ-SX227V PRO5DIJ-SX294V PRO5DIJ-SX301X PRO5DIJ-SX452V PRO5DIJ-SX481V PRO5DIP PRO5DIP-SX115V PRO5E PRO5EAE PRO5EAE-SX036X PRO5EAE-SX068X PRO5EAE-SX087V PRO5J PRO5JIJ PRO5JIJ-SO056X PRO5JIJ-SX025X PRO65 PRO66 PRO79 PRO66IC PRO66IC-JX015X PRO79AE PRO79AE-TY036V PRO79AE-TY049V PRO79IC PRO79IC-TY036V PRO79IJ PRO79IJ-TY025E PRO79IJ-TY032C PRO79IJ-TY066X PRO79IJ-TY095X PRO79IJ-TY113X PRO79IJ-TY133V PRO79IJ-TY141V PRO79IJ-TY167V PRO79IJ-TY168V PRO8 PRO88 PRO8B PRO8D X5A X5C X5CQ X5CQ-SX033C X5D X5DAB X5DAD X5DAF X5DC X5DAB-SX013A X5DAB-SX028V X5DAB-SX035C X5DAB-SX037C X5DAB-SX038C X5DAB-SX050V X5DAB-SX051C X5DAB-SX051V X5DAB-SX058C X5DAB-SX070C X5DAB-SX071C X5DAB-SX071V X5DAB-SX080C X5DAB-SX093C X5DAB-SX096V X5DAD-SX005V X5DAD-SX049V X5DAD-SX069V X5DAF-SX013V X5DAF-SX023V X5DC-SX021V X5DC-SX033V X5DC-SX048V X5DI X5DID X5DIE X5DIJ X5DIL X5DIN X5DIP X5DL X5DID-SX058V X5DID-SX071V X5DID-SX073V X5DID-SX173V X5DIE-SX130V X5DIE-SX144V X5DIE-SX151V X5DIE-SX163V X5DIJ-SX014A X5DIJ-SX014E X5DIJ-SX033C X5DIJ-SX034C X5DIJ-SX034E X5DIJ-SX039C X5DIJ-SX039E X5DIJ-SX060V X5DIJ-SX062A X5DIJ-SX091X X5DIJ-SX101L X5DIJ-SX102C X5DIJ-SX105E X5DIJ-SX111C X5DIJ-SX140E X5DIJ-SX165V X5DIJ-SX167C X5DIJ-SX167V X5DIJ-SX169C X5DIJ-SX213V X5DIJ-SX238V X5DIJ-SX247V X5DIJ-SX278X X5DIJ-SX281V X5DIJ-SX313V X5DIJ-SX331V X5DIJ-SX449V X5DIJ-SX699V X5DIN-SX009C X5DIN-SX031C X5DIN-SX033C X5DIN-SX035C X5DIN-SX035E X5DIN-SX041V X5DIN-SX054C X5DIN-SX073C X5DIN-SX092C X5DIN-SX105C X5DIN-SX134C X5DIN-SX142V X5DIN-SX176C X5DIN-SX183V X5DIN-SX184X X5DIN-SX207C X5DIN-SX207V X5DIN-SX297V X5DIN-SX320V X5DIP-SX015V X5DIP-SX016V X5DIP-SX086V X5E X5EAC X5EAE X5EAC-SX008C X5EAC-SX035V X5EAC-SX036V X5EAE-SX002V X5EAE-SX011V X5EAE-SX014V X5EAE-SX081V X5JIJ X5JIJ-SX084V X5JJ X66 X661C X66IC X66IC-JX003V X66IC-JX010V X66IC-JX011V X66IC-JX015X X66IC-JX126V X70 X70A X70AB X70AC X70AD X70AE X70AF X70E X70F X70AB-TY005C X70AB-TY024C X70AB-TY027V X70AC-TY011C X70AC-TY016C X70AC-TY025C X70AC-TY033V X70AD-TY055V X70AE-TY003V X70AE-TY046V X70AE-TY047V X70AF-TY002V X70AF-TY013V X70AF-TY28V X70F-7S045C X70F-7S060C X70I X70IC X70ID X70IJ X70IL X70IO X70KR X70IC-TY007V X70IC-TY008V X70IC-TY021V X70IC-TY084V X70IC-TY085V X70IC-TY094V X70IC-TY110V X70ID-TY004V X70ID-TY017V X70ID-TY063V X70IJ-TY112V X70IJ-TY138V X70IJ-TY159V X70IJ-TY161V X70IJ-TY163V X70IJ-TY177V X70IJ-TY180V X70IO-TY011C X70IO-TY021C X70IO-TY022C X70IO-TY076V X70IO-TY097V X70KR-7S082C X70L X70SE X70SR X70Z X70L-7S009C X70L-7S010C X70L-7S077P X70L-7S085C X70SE-7S034C X70SE-7S105 X70SE-7S105C X70SE-7S112C X70SR-7S041C X70SR-7S042C X70SR-7S120C X70Z-7S018C X87 X87Q X8A X8AAB X8AAD X8AAF X8AC X8AID X8AID-VX051C X8AIE X8AIJ X8AIL X8AIN X8AIP X8BVT
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