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  • Battery 5200mAh for ASUS PRO55 PRO55A PRO55B PRO55C PRO55D PRO55E
5200mAh Battery 5200mAh for ASUS PRO55 PRO55A PRO55B PRO55C PRO55D PRO55E

Battery 5200mAh for ASUS PRO55 PRO55A PRO55B PRO55C PRO55D PRO55E

Quick Overview

Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
cell technology: Li-ion
Number of Cells: 6

Availability: Out of stock



Lithium-ion cells to the Japanese assembled with high-quality lithium-ion battery.

It complies with the European Community legislation. It complies with the currently applicable criteria of production and disposal within the European Community. Product CE & RoHs.

PLEASE NOTE The battery 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible with each other. The battery 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible with each other.

Additional Information

Codici Compatibili 70-NLF1B2000, 70-NLF1B2000Y, 70-NLF1B2000Z, 90-NLF1B2000Y, A32-F5, A32-X50, A41-F5, BATAS2000, BN-LS11E
Modelli Compatibili ASUS F5, F5 ASUS F5C, F5C ASUS F5GL, F5GL, F5GL-AP013C, F5GL-AP017C, F5GL-AP018C, F5GL-AP031, F5GL-AP031C, F5GL-AP033E, F5GL-AP034C, F5GL-AP084, F5GL-AP084C, F5GL-AP134C, F5GL-AP150C, F5GL-AP219C, F5GL-AP222C, F5GL-AP223E, F5GL-AP241, F5GL-AP241C, F5GL-AP246C, F5GL-AP319A, F5GL-AP369A ASUS F5GX, F5GX ASUS F5M, F5M, F5M-AP011, F5M-AP011A, F5M-AP012, F5M-AP012A, F5M-AP033, F5M-AP033A, F5M-AP033C, F5M-AP043, F5M-AP043A, F5M-AP043C, F5M-AP055, F5M-AP056, F5M-AP057 ASUS F5N, F5N, F5N-AP001C, F5N-AP022, F5N-AP022C, F5N-AP026C, F5N-AP043C, F5N-AP059, F5N-AP059C, F5N-AP067C, F5N-AP070, F5N-AP070C, F5N-AP079, F5N-AP079C, F5N-AP098C, F5N-AP133C, F5N-AP133E, F5N-AP137, F5N-AP140E, F5N-AP158C, F5N-AP170C, F5N-AP183, F5N-AP183P ASUS F5Q, F5Q ASUS F5R, F5R, F5R-AP002A, F5R-AP005, F5R-AP007M, F5R-AP011A, F5R-AP013A, F5R-AP025A, F5R-AP025C, F5R-AP026C, F5R-AP027A, F5R-AP028A, F5R-AP040, F5R-AP040A, F5R-AP046C, F5R-AP063, F5R-AP063A, F5R-AP064, F5R-AP064A, F5R-AP065E, F5R-AP076A, F5R-AP076A-A, F5R-AP078C, F5R-AP080P, F5R-AP096C, F5R-AP114, F5R-AP148C, F5R-AP149C, F5R-AP157P, F5R-AP164C, F5R-AP172E, F5R-AP178P, F5R-AP186, F5R-AP186A, F5R-AP186C, F5R-AP187C, F5R-AP198, F5R-AP198C, F5R-AP223C, F5R-AP225C, F5R-AP260A, F5R-AP264C, F5R-AP277C, F5R-AP327C, F5R-AP342C, F5R-AP360C, F5R-AP360P ASUS F5RI, F5RI ASUS F5RL, F5RL, F5RL-200DV, F5RL-AG289P, F5RL-AG445E, F5RL-AP008C, F5RL-AP010, F5RL-AP010C, F5RL-AP011, F5RL-AP011C, F5RL-AP012, F5RL-AP012C, F5RL-AP015C, F5RL-AP018, F5RL-AP018C, F5RL-AP027P, F5RL-AP033C, F5RL-AP033C1, F5RL-AP035C, F5RL-AP037C, F5RL-AP037D, F5RL-AP039E, F5RL-AP040, F5RL-AP040C, F5RL-AP040P, F5RL-AP056, F5RL-AP056C, F5RL-AP075A, F5RL-AP080C, F5RL-AP105, F5RL-AP105C, F5RL-AP136, F5RL-AP136C, F5RL-AP139, F5RL-AP139C, F5RL-AP142C, F5RL-AP157P, F5RL-AP176E, F5RL-AP177E, F5RL-AP185, F5RL-AP185C, F5RL-AP197C, F5RL-AP205C, F5RL-AP221C, F5RL-AP221E, F5RL-AP238C, F5RL-AP238E, F5RL-AP239P, F5RL-AP244, F5RL-AP244C, F5RL-AP246P, F5RL-AP249E, F5RL-AP256, F5RL-AP256C, F5RL-AP258, F5RL-AP258C, F5RL-AP259, F5RL-AP259C, F5RL-AP260, F5RL-AP260C, F5RL-AP277D, F5RL-AP288C, F5RL-AP291P, F5RL-AP295C, F5RL-AP306E, F5RL-AP308, F5RL-AP308C, F5RL-AP336C, F5RL-AP341E, F5RL-AP363E, F5RL-AP363P, F5RL-AP380E, F5RL-AP380P, F5RL-AP382C, F5RL-AP422E, F5RL-AP431, F5RL-AP431C, F5RL-AP432, F5RL-AP432C, F5RL-AP456, F5RL-AP456C, F5RL-AP545C, F5RL-AP567P ASUS F5SF, F5SF ASUS F5SL, F5SL, F5SL-200DV, F5SL-AP009C, F5SL-AP016C, F5SL-AP018C, F5SL-AP019C, F5SL-AP021C, F5SL-AP023C, F5SL-AP024C, F5SL-AP025C, F5SL-AP026C, F5SL-AP079C, F5SL-AP099C, F5SL-AP128E, F5SL-AP130C, F5SL-AP132C, F5SL-AP177D, F5SL-AP187C, F5SL-AP206C, F5SL-AP244C, F5SL-AP244E, F5SL-AP246C, F5SL-AP247E, F5SL-AP264C, F5SL-AP375C, F5SL-AP403E, F5SL-AP414C ASUS F5SR, F5SR, F5SR-AP007C, F5SR-AP024C, F5SR-AP025E, F5SR-AP027, F5SR-AP027C, F5SR-AP028, F5SR-AP028C, F5SR-AP033D, F5SR-AP042C, F5SR-AP043C, F5SR-AP087E, F5SR-AP089C, F5SR-AP128C, F5SR-AP128E, F5SR-AP144C, F5SR-AP145E, F5SR-AP148C, F5SR-AP151E, F5SR-AP340E ASUS F5SV, F5SV ASUS F5V, F5V, F5V-AP003, F5V-AP003C, F5V-AP010C, F5V-AP026, F5V-AP026C, F5V-AP030C, F5V-AP033C, F5V-AP036C, F5V-AP039C, F5V-AP041C, F5V-AP046C, F5V-AP096, F5V-AP096C, F5V-AP097C, F5V-AP105, F5V-AP105C, F5V-AP106, F5V-AP106C, F5V-AP567P, F5V-APO97C, F5V-AS028C ASUS F5VI, F5VI ASUS F5VL, F5VL, F5VL-AP005, F5VL-AP005C, F5VL-AP006, F5VL-AP006C, F5VL-AP008C, F5VL-AP011C, F5VL-AP011C1, F5VL-AP012C, F5VL-AP015, F5VL-AP030C, F5VL-AP031, F5VL-AP031C, F5VL-AP032C, F5VL-AP037, F5VL-AP038P, F5VL-AP090, F5VL-AP090C, F5VL-AP099, F5VL-AP099C, F5VL-AP128C, F5VL-AP136C, F5VL-AP140, F5VL-AP140C, F5VL-AP155C, F5VL-AP169, F5VL-AP169C, F5VL-AP514C, F5VL-AP591P, F5VL-AS028C, F5VL-AS030C ASUS F5Z, F5Z, F5Z-AP009, F5Z-AP009C, F5Z-AP023C, F5Z-AP025C, F5Z-AP031C, F5Z-AP037C, F5Z-AP054C, F5Z-AP073, F5Z-AP073C, F5Z-AP089C, F5Z-AP103C, F5Z-AP146A, F5Z-AS001C, F5Z-AS044C ASUS PRO50, PRO50 ASUS PRO50A, PRO50A ASUS PRO50B, PRO50B ASUS PRO50C, PRO50C ASUS PRO50D, PRO50D ASUS PRO50E, PRO50E ASUS PRO50G, PRO50G ASUS PRO50GL, PRO50GL, PRO50GL-AP023C ASUS PRO50J, PRO50J ASUS PRO50M, PRO50M ASUS PRO50N, PRO50N ASUS PRO50R, PRO50R ASUS PRO50RL, PRO50RL ASUS PRO50SL, PRO50SL ASUS PRO50SR, PRO50SR, PRO50SR-AP018C, PRO50SR-AP296C ASUS PRO50V, PRO50V, PRO50V-AP080C ASUS PRO50VL, PRO50VL ASUS PRO50Z, PRO50Z ASUS PRO55, PRO55 ASUS PRO55A, PRO55A ASUS PRO55B, PRO55B ASUS PRO55C, PRO55C ASUS PRO55D, PRO55D ASUS PRO55E, PRO55E ASUS PRO55G, PRO55G ASUS PRO55GL, PRO55GL, PRO55GL-AP235C, PRO55GL-AP235E, PRO55GL-AP252A ASUS PRO55J, PRO55J ASUS PRO55S, PRO55S ASUS PRO55SL, PRO55SL ASUS PRO55SR, PRO55SR ASUS PRO59, PRO59 ASUS PRO59A, PRO59A ASUS PRO59B, PRO59B ASUS PRO59C, PRO59C ASUS PRO59D, PRO59D ASUS PRO59E, PRO59E ASUS PRO59G, PRO59G ASUS PRO59J, PRO59J ASUS PRO59L, PRO59L-EP047A, PRO59L-EP062E, PRO59L-EP069A, PRO59L-EP111A ASUS PRO5B, PRO5B ASUS X50, X50 ASUS X50A, X50A ASUS X50AVC, X50AVC ASUS X50AVN, X50AVN ASUS X50B, X50B ASUS X50BTP, X50BTP ASUS X50BVF, X50BVF ASUS X50BVG, X50BVG ASUS X50BVN, X50BVN ASUS X50C, X50C, X50C-AP009A, X50C-AP013C ASUS X50CQ, X50CQ ASUS X50D, X50D ASUS X50DAB, X50DAB ASUS X50DAD, X50DAD ASUS X50DC, X50DC ASUS X50DIJ, X50DIJ ASUS X50DIN, X50DIN ASUS X50E, X50E ASUS X50EAC, X50EAC ASUS X50G, X50G ASUS X50GAG, X50GAG ASUS X50GL, X50GL, X50GL-AG133E, X50GL-AP002C, X50GL-AP008E, X50GL-AP038C, X50GL-AP044C, X50GL-AP063A, X50GL-AP064A, X50GL-AP065C, X50GL-AP113C, X50GL-AP121C, X50GL-AP155C, X50GL-AP284E ASUS X50GVG, X50GVG ASUS X50GVT, X50GVT ASUS X50IE, X50IE-SX013V ASUS X50J, X50J ASUS X50JIJ, X50JIJ ASUS X50M, X50M ASUS X50N, X50N, X50N-AP026C, X50N-AP042C, X50N-AP048C, X50N-AP050C, X50N-AP148C, X50N-AP176C, X50N-AP179C, X50N-AP219C, X50N-AP223C, X50N-AP225A, X50N-AP238, X50N-AP238C, X50N-AP255, X50N-AP255C, X50N-AP274C ASUS X50R, X50R, X50R-AP061A, X50R-AP136C, X50R-AP336C, X50R-AP341C ASUS X50RL, X50RL, X50RL-AG077, X50RL-AG077P, X50RL-AG330P, X50RL-AP005C, X50RL-AP207C, X50RL-AP207P, X50RL-AP219C, X50RL-AP227P, X50RL-AP273H, X50RL-AP311C, X50RL-AP352E, X50RL-AP353E, X50RL-AP354C, X50RL-AP381A, X50RL-AP399P, X50RL-AP409P, X50RL-AP412C, X50RL-AP525C, X50RL-AP540P, X50RL-AP599P ASUS X50SL, X50SL, X50SL-AP029C, X50SL-AP083C, X50SL-AP109C, X50SL-AP135C, X50SL-AP163C, X50SL-AP180C, X50SL-AP316, X50SL-AP385C, X50SL-T575SCEFAW ASUS X50SR, X50SR, X50SR-AP049C, X50SR-AP071C, X50SR-AP088E, X50SR-AP100C, X50SR-AP255A, X50SR-AP273E, X50SR-AP294C, X50SR-AP329C, X50SR-AS293C, X50SR-AS294C ASUS X50V, X50V, X50V-AP023C, X50V-AP034C ASUS X50VL, X50VL, X50VL-AP006C, X50VL-AP010C, X50VL-AP012C, X50VL-AP029C ASUS X50Z, X50Z ASUS X59, X59 ASUS X59GL, X59GL, X59GL-AP283 ASUS X59SL, X59SL, X59SL-200DV, X59SL-226DV, X59SL-AP205C, X59SL-AP207C, X59SL-AP210C, X59SL-AP253C, X59SL-AP263C, X59SL-AP287C, X59SL-AP317C, X59SL-AP325C, X59SL-AP342C, X59SL-AP347C, X59SL-AP358C, X59SL-AP417C, X59SL-AP447E, X59SL-AP461C ASUS X59SR, X59SR, X59SR-AP044C, X59SR-AP060C, X59SR-AP065CS, X59SR-AP105, X59SR-AP105C, X59SR-AP109C, X59SR-AP131C, X59SR-AP261C, X59SR-AP343C, X59SR-AS166C
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